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Writer's Block: Legend has it ...

Do you have a favorite paranormal story and/or urban legend? When did you first hear it? What's the story behind the story?

My mum lost her firstborn child, my big brother, in SIDS and he was around 3 months old. This happend around her birthday and she figured ppl would show up anyway and so she was vaccuming. She felt this gust of wind, like someone was runing in the hallway behind her. First she thought it was the dog, but she found him sound asleep in her bed. Then she checked the door, in case someone had walked in, but it was locked. She got this funny feeling and got goose bumps all over. She went into the kitchen and sat down to have a ciggarette and she could feel that someone was standing behind her in the doorway, watching her. She didnt dare look around.

I'm pretty sure it was her son, and maybe her dad - just making sure she was all right :D

I also have another one.

In this neighborhood were we used to live there was this old man walking his dog. You could pass him, and he would always greet you, and then a few more minutes later you could pass him again and again he'd greet you. And this man and his dog have walked this area for about 25 years and they dont age. I've met him and my dad used to meet him when he was young about 15 years ago. That entire area is built upon the old cemetery so theres alot of weird things going on there.



kinda sucks that im not allowed to see her, b/c of the swineflu threat :(

but still little JACK IS ON THE WAY!!!

Welcome to the world, sweetheart
and well done hunny - love u both! and congrats to Patrick too


LOLcat Picspam

I recently found LOLcats, and I'm hocked for life :D <3 <3 <3
I thought I would post my all time favourites!... well so far <3Road to LOL and <3Collapse )

Most of the photos aren't fun or anything special, but combined with the text they are hilarious :D <3


Sep. 22nd, 2009


Stark Sands in Die, Mommie, Die!

The movie was pretty ok, but nothing I would have remembered if it wasn't for Stark being in it. Think it is play, and it might be better on stage than on TV.

Stark on the other hand... Oh! My! God! he was great!! Okey, I'm prolly bias right now, but I loved him, and the character. His first scene with his mother in the living room was so funny...

And the scene after the nukkie with the toy-boy, when the family comes home after the funeral was...*swoon* how hot was he while sitting in the armchair staring at toy-boys crotch... :D

And then sneacking up on mr. ToyBoy in a shed

looking a bit crazy on this pic

...Patrick Swayze... 1952-2009 RiP....

So sad! Knew it was coming but still....

Sep. 14th, 2009

:D yesterday they aired Under the Toscan Sun here in sweden and i watched it for the first time...dont really like those romantic comedies, but Pawel Szajda (so proud i learnt to spell his name) was in it and he was so cuuuuuuute! even though i didnt like the hair that much...And i hated the accent...thought he was gonna play some hot italiano, but i guess dorklicious polish is ok too, i mean thats what he is in RL....

And now im gonna watch Die, Mommie, Die! have been looking all over for it, cause i wanna se Stark naked dammit! :D

And i havent slept in 36 hours, since i couldnt sleep last night, did nod off a few seconds earlier while at the computer, it was *facetable* hardcore! well actually it was *facekeyboard*, but that isnt even a word.... sniggers

Well, well....off to see STARK STARK NAKED <--- see thats the kinda really bad, I say again REALLY bad jokes I make when Im sleep deprived...I have ODed on coffee, red bull and smokes all day long.....And im hungry...Should be studying.....but thats boring and i have all week off to do that, not that i will, since im downloading season 2 of True Blood... Since in Sweden we're like on the 3rd or 4th episode this week....You would think that if our sexiest biggest star at the moment Alexander Skarsgård stars in an awesome tv-show we would show it...but OH NO! BTW looooooooooved it when he spoke swedish, i did a double take (is that right correct english??) cause it sounded weird, and familiar :D havent heard him speak swedish in years :( since Hollywood stole him from me us! And you fangirls gotta stop calling him ASkars, I used that while talking to my friend, and she had nooooooo idea of whom I spoke (about?) i really need this post to be betad... :S

...wait...Oh! Stark naked Stark is calling for me :D

Gotta go!!!

Writer's Block: Do you peek?

If your friend or partner left his or her email open, would you look? How about a journal? Have you ever peeked at something private?
E-mail... I wouldnt open any mails or anything, but take a peek and look who sent her mail
Journal...Im ashamed to say yes, i have... And i found out my friend had lied to me, but I didnt bring it up, since that wasnt for me to know. I was pissed for a while but didnt show it to her, and after a while I realized that it wasnt that important. And we're still best friends. And this happened when we were like 14-15 yrs old. I think I might peek in journals, if they are lying around open. But if I were to come across something very serious, like deep bad stuff. I'd stop...

Bad omen?!?!??!

Is it a bad omen if the damn bird is only half black??? When I was on the balcony smoking, a blck and white crow landed on the rail and look back at me and then flew off! I'm not usually superstitious, but this really freaked me out... lol